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View   24834 TOKENS Token Collectors Page (Melvin Fuld And George Fuld
View   24852 TOKENS Token Collectors Page (Melvin Fuld And George Fuld
View   24789 TOKENS Token Collectors Page (Melvin Fuld And George Fuld
View   25876 COINS, ANCIENT Dioscuri On Ancient Coins (Raymond J. Walker
View   24736 GRADING Some Notes On Grading Ancient Coins (Mead B. Kibbey
View   33281 BOOK REVIEWS Fugio Cents (Alan Kessler
View   29774 BOOK REVIEWS Nigerian Primitive Currency Values (Sven-Olof Johansson
View   30237 BOOK REVIEWS German Military Uniforms And Insignia 1933-1945 ( E. J. H. Jr.
View   30934 BOOK REVIEWS Modern Coinage Of Sweden (Scott Eric Cordy
View   26353 BOOK REVIEWS Israel's Money, (Leo Kadman
View   69280 GREEK Essays on the Coinage of Alexander the Great NumStudies #11 1963 132 Plts.3 Bellinger, Alfred Raymond
View   69289 UNITED STATES Money of the American Colonies and Confederation: A Numismatic, Economic and Historical Correlation NumStudies #20 1993 314 illustrated Mossman, Philip L.
View   69288 GREEK Alexander's Drachm Mints II: Lampsacus and Abydus NumStudies #19 1991 77 Plts.34 Thompson, Margaret
View   69287 GREEK The Randazzo Hoard 1980 and Sicilian Chronology in the Early Fifth Century B.C. NumStudies #18 1990 77 Plts.20 Arnold-Biucchi, Carmen
View   69286 BYZANTINE Studies in Early Byzantine Gold Coinage NumStudies #17 1988 142 Plts.24 Hahn, Wolfgang and Metcalf, William E. (eds.)
View   69285 GREEK Alexander's Drachm Mints I: Sardes and Miletus NumStudies #16 1983 98 Plts.38 Thompson, Margaret
View   69284 ROMAN The Cistophori of Hadrian NumStudies #15 1980 164 Plts.31 Metcalf, William E.
View   69283 GREEK The Early Cistophoric Coinage NumStudies #14 1977 129 Plts.38 Kleiner, Fred S. and Noe, Sydney P.
View   69281 MOHAMMEDAN The Coinage of the Mamluk Sultans of Egypt and Syria NumStudies #12 1964 444 Plts.44 Balog, Paul
View   69279 GREEK The New Style Silver Coinage of Athens (Vol.1-Text, Vol.2-202 plates, w/ 2 foldout plts.) NumStudies #10 1961 747 Plt.226 Thompson, Margaret